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AK is a free app for iPhone and Android devices, It's easy and fun to play and pits you against your friends, fellow club supporters and others across the world as you compete to be the Accumulator King by predicting the correct results of football matches.

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Accumulator King is a fun app to play against friends, fellow club supporters and other users across the world!

Each person predicts (home, draw or away) results for each of the weeks ten selected games, you will get 1 point per correct prediction and 3 bonus points if you correctly predict all 10 results correctly.

In addition to predicting the ten selected games you also will predict the time of the first and last goal, this is the first and last goal scored between all ten selected games, you will get 2 points if you correctly predict the first goal time correct and 2 points for the last goal time correct, an additional 3 points will be scored if both first and last goal times are correct.

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The most important feature during the prediction phase is selecting your "banker" and your "backup banker". You place your "banker" on the prediction you feel is most likely to be correct. 

Your banker prediction MUST be correct for you to score any points during that game week, if it is incorrect, you will score 0 points that game week!

The "backup banker" will take the place of the users selected "banker" if that game is for any reason postponed or cancelled.

Create your own leagues to share with everyone or just who you invite to humiliate them with your skills of predictions each week to be the Accumulator King!

All games scores are updated live and you can drill down to see events in each game for example red/yellow cards and times.

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The app is designed to be simple to use and has a message system within each League you are a member of  so you can chat with other members.

You can also look at past and future fixture history of games making it a valuable app for when you need to know the score of a game from last year, or even how many cards were given out!

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Contacting Accumulator King

You can email us directly using or fill in the contact form below and we will get back to you usually within 24 hours.